Alert: Notifications and correspondence during COVID-19 restrictions

We are operating at reduced capacity due to the COVID 19 Alert Level Two requirements. Find out more about how to correspond and notify us during this time.

You might also hear from us as we proactively call businesses about how they're operating safely during Alert Level Two. 

You can request information from us under the Official Information Act 1982 and the Privacy Act 1993. Find out how to ask WorkSafe for information and our responsibilities.

Types of requests

You can request information held by WorkSafe. 

Official information requests

Includes requests about our internal rules or guidelines for decision making.

The Official Information Act (OIA) allows New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, or anyone in New Zealand, to request official information from the government. Corporate entities (that is, a company or an incorporated society) which are either incorporated in New Zealand or have a place of business here can also request information.

Personal information requests

You can make a request under the Privacy Act 1993 for information that we may hold about you.

You do not have to be a citizen or permanent resident, or be in New Zealand. If we have information about you, you can make a request to access it.

Investigation report request

If you would like to request information about an incident where you were injured and WorkSafe investigated, we recommend you make your request under the OIA rather than the Privacy Act. While personal information is contained within investigation documentation, other information will also relate to WorkSafe and other third parties.

How to request official information

You can request official information by email via or by using our official information request form 

Postal requests can also be sent to:

Ministerial Services
WorkSafe New Zealand
PO Box 165
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

When submitting a postal request for official information, please ensure you provide us with your contact details.

Looking for something?

Before you submit your request we have a lot of useful pages on our site that may contain the information you require.

How to request personal information

We prefer that requests are made by completing our request form

Postal requests can also be sent to:

Chief Privacy Officer
WorkSafe New Zealand
PO Box 165
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

When submitting a postal request for personal information, please ensure you provide us with your contact details.

The Privacy Commissioner’s website(external link) has information about who can make a request and the rules.

Our responsibilities

WorkSafe’s Official Information Act (OIA) and privacy policies set out our responsibilities for:

  • releasing official and personal information
  • withholding official and personal information
  • investigations by the Ombudsman or the Privacy Commissioner into WorkSafe's decisions.
Privacy policy (PDF 142 KB)

How we’re tracking under the OIA

The State Services Commission (SSC) and Office of the Ombudsman have a programme to improve transparency under the OIA. This includes reporting on the volume of:

  • requests
  • complaints to the Ombudsman (and their outcomes).

The reports are published on their websites and include information about WorkSafe.

Information released under OIA

WorkSafe publishes some responses to OIA requests.