How SafePlus works

Choose how you want to use SafePlus

SafePlus is available in three separate components. Choose the one that works best for your business – or use them all.

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Resources and guidance (available now)

Our free Resources and Guidance explain what the performance requirements and their maturity scales are and what these look like in practice in a business.

SafePlus is made up of 10 health and safety performance requirements. A SafePlus Accredited Assessor or business will use these requirements to measure a business’s performance and provide advice and guidance on how to improve.

SafePlus Performance Requirements

A generic version of the Performance Requirements is suitable for all businesses, while specific versions have been developed for sectors where health and safety is a key focus area.

SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 3 MB)

Construction: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 3.7 MB)

Agriculture: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 1.8 MB)

Retail, warehousing & distribution: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 4.4 MB)

Manufacturing: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 3.3 MB)

Transport: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 2.5 MB)

Energy: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 1 MB)

Emergency services: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 1.2 MB)

Forestry: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 2.8 MB)

Question templates for businesses to use with their employees

Questions for governance roles: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 236 KB)

Questions for senior managers: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 239 KB)

Questions for line managers and supervisors: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 239 KB)

Questions for frontline workers: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 238 KB)

Questions for contractors & suppliers: SafePlus performance requirements (PDF 239 KB)

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Lead indicators

The indicators provided in this document are examples to show some of the kinds of lead indicators that can be used by PCBUs to measure the effectiveness of health and safety management of example risks.

Lead indicators  (PDF 269 KB)

Independent onsite assessment and advisory service (available now)

An independent Accredited Assessor can visit your business and assess how well you are performing against the SafePlus performance requirements and provide advice on how to improve.

The independent Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service uses a behavioural based consultative assessment approach to measure your performance and give you fresh, independent, expert insights and advice.

The assessment will:

  • observe practices, behaviours, attitudes perceptions and culture onsite
  • interview workers, managers and senior leaders at all levels
  • review the effectiveness of systems and processes
  • trace three key health and safety risks (including one work-related health risk) in your business to identify how well they are being managed.

Your business will receive a detailed report with an Illustration of Performance and tailored advice to support you to focus your resources and effort on the right issues.

The Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service is available for all businesses, but will most likely to appeal to medium and large sized businesses.

There is a cost for the Independent Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service which is set by each Accredited Assessor as part of their existing consulting services.

Find out more about how the SafePlus performance requirements are used during an Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service:

Find out more about how Accredited Assessors use the behavioural assessment approach: 

SafePlus accredited assessors register

SafePlus Accredited Assessors are now available for businesses to hire. Please see the SafePlus Accredited Assessor Register page for more information.

For more information on SafePlus Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service, read the guide for business who are interested in, or about to use, the SafePlus Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service.

Onsite assessment and advisory service: A guide for business (PDF 1.2 MB)

Questions and answers for businesses (PDF 254 KB)

Interested in becoming an assessor?

If you are interested in becoming a SafePlus Accredited Assessor find out more about what the role involves.

Online self-assessment tool (available mid 2018)

The SafePlus Online Self-Assessment tool will help you identify gaps in your health and safety performance, and provide guidance and advice on how to improve.

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The Online Self-Assessment tool will be free for any business to use. The first version of this tool is being designed for small to medium sized businesses, with further development planned to tailor the tool for larger and/or higher risk sector businesses.

The information you enter into the tool is secure, and is only available to the government in an anonymous and summarised format, maintaining your commercial privacy.

The online tool will help businesses to engage with their employees, contractors, suppliers and others. They will be asked questions about risk management, leadership, and worker engagement. Their anonymous responses are used to create a ‘snapshot’ of health and safety performance perceptions and areas for improvement, which is presented in a report for the business to improve their health and safety performance.

Businesses will be able to reuse the online tool to measure their performance over time. The online tool can also be used to target different divisions or locations of your business.

As more businesses use the online tool, you will be able to benchmark your business’s performance against similar sized businesses and industry types.