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Learn more about Safer Farms and who we are.

Agricultural Leaders Health & Safety Action Group

Safer Farms is the non-profit ‘Agricultural Leaders Health and Safety Action Group’ established in 2015 by leaders in the Agricultural Sector in New Zealand.

Our vision is to change the stigma attached to health and safety from being about box-ticking to practical approaches that will keep us alive while farming. We wish to share resources and practical tools from within Ag to help you ensure you are supported to farming effectively and efficiently while making it home safely at the end of each day.

Old Problem, New Solution:
We’re a group of people from within the agricultural industry who want to make farming safer and healthier. Everyone in the farming industry is grappling with the same problems so we need to work together and share our strategies.
We’ve made a commitment to tackle the agricultural sectors’ poor health and safety performance through collaboration with the people and organisations within.
Our Approach:

Acknowledging the problem through highlighting agriculture’s poor health and safety performance and communicating this effectively in order to target our actions and interventions.

Having open conversations about health and safety in the agricultural sector and learning from one another’s experiences – the good and the bad.

Supporting changes in the health and safety culture and practices to reduce risk and harm.


Our team

The Agricultural Leaders’ Health and Safety Action Group is a membership organisation that brings together farmers, CEOs and senior leaders from agribusiness, agricultural industry groups and government. Businesses across the supply chain are involved, recognising that the whole sector benefits from improved health and safety.

The group is led by a board of eight member directors, who hold leadership roles in agriculture and in safety. An Advisory Council made up of around 20 members meets twice a year to provide guidance to the board and bring views from the wider sector.

Day to day business is led by the General Manager, with oversight from the board.

Tony Watson

General Manager

With a career evenly split between working on farm, and working for processors and industry-good organisations, Tony is well placed to help make farms safer places for everyone.

Harriet Bremner

rural health &

safety advocate

Harriet, health & safety advocate, believes that we need to change the way we look at health and safety on the farm. It should be about making practical decisions to ensure that you get home alive at the end of each day.

Erin Speedy



Erin grew up on a sheep and beef farm in the heart of the King Country, before she settled in the media industry as a journalist.She brings a strong background in agriculture as well as print, radio and TV broadcasting to her role as Communications Manager for Safer Farms.

Board of directors

Justine Kidd


CEO, Agribusiness TheLand Farm Group.

Wayne McNee


CEO, Livestock Improvement Corporation.

Colin Glass


CEO Dairy Holdings Ltd

Peter Reidie


CEO, Farmlands Co-operative

Francois Barton


Exec Director, Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum

Steve Carden


CEO Landcorp/Pamu

Advisory Group

The advisory group has a rolling membership and meets twice a year to provide guidance to the board and ensure the voice of the sector is heard.