Health and safety can be as simple as having a yarn over a cuppa. Discuss with the people you are working with the job that is at hand, what each person’s role is and ask them if they feel comfortable to carry it out safely. Never assume someone knows what they are doing because assumptions are deadly.  

Safer Farming, Safer Farms For Everyone

Making Safety part of Everyday Business

Good health and safety looks like having conversations and making practical decisions, something that farmers are good at. Health and safety should be about putting people first and getting home safely at the end of the day.

Roles and Responsibilities

Leaders need to engage their people by showing them that they come first. By providing good quality leadership, you will be an approachable person who knows what is really going on with your staff

on the Farm

Talking is key to making sure everyone knows what their job is and how to do it safely and effectively. It can be as simple as sending a text message.

Other People on the Farm

Start by holding a conversation with the people that are visiting your farm, so that everyone on the farm are aware of dangers around them - you cannot simply assume that someone is aware of the risks that surround them.

Making Safety Part of Everyday Yarns

Talking about health and safety doesn’t have to be as formal as you think. It isn’t about stats, charts, forms or even ticking boxes, It can and SHOULD be as easy as yarning over a cup of tea during smoko. 





Any kiwi kid fortunate enough to grow up in a rural setting is constantly surrounded by hazards. Things like farm machinery, vehicles, animals, waterways and much much more are risks that can sometimes be a challenge for parents getting children to understand ‘why’. Farm life should be enjoyable and is a major privilege for families. Kids and parents need to be aware about how to have those much needed yarns about farms!


Communicating with visitors on your farm


Heath and safety on the farm. Checking competency. 

– with Beef & Lamb NZ.

Short video giving you several examples of how easy it is to check competency on farm.