Industry safety alerts

These safety alerts are provided by industry (both domestically and internationally) – not by WorkSafe New Zealand.

Alert: Arm trapped in felling head during repair (PDF 180 KB)

Alert: Fuel tank lid causes head wound (PDF 250 KB)

Be aware of blindspots  (PDF 297 KB)

Safety alert: Mobile plant stability/control issues (PDF 284 KB)

Saw motor cover incident - Woodsman Pro 700, 800 and FH1350 (PDF 247 KB)

Risk of injury when striking hardened steel (PDF 143 KB)

Box cuts (PDF 242 KB)

Driver exceeded maximum work time (PDF 154 KB)

Welding fume fever  (PDF 172 KB)

Job planning and fatigue management (PDF 244 KB)

Thunderbird TTY70 hauler incident (PDF 127 KB)

Chainsaw kickback (PDF 612 KB)

Fire extinguisher failure during digger fire (PDF 324 KB)

New machine hazard (PDF 374 KB)

Trailer rollover  (PDF 459 KB)

Felling near hit (PDF 333 KB)

Rain causes sudden rope movement (PDF 381 KB)

Chain shot model safe work procedure (PDF 455 KB)

Different- Difficult - Dangerous (PDF 529 KB)

Harvester head entrapment  (PDF 265 KB)

Mechanised Head R&M (PDF 216 KB)

Load security initiative  (PDF 181 KB)

Safe loading rule for small logs in MFT Canterbury forest  (PDF 376 KB)

High energy release breaks leg (PDF 482 KB)

Falling debris hits manual tree feller  (PDF 332 KB)

Breaker-out injured while securing skyline to backline anchor stump (PDF 891 KB)

Fatality Alert (PDF 25 KB)

Logger contacts HV line (PDF 288 KB)

Driver safety  (PDF 558 KB)

Machine assist felling (PDF 146 KB)

Safety alert: Advanced tracking (PDF 211 KB)