Alert: Notifications at reduced capacity during COVID-19 restrictions

We are operating at reduced capacity due to the COVID 19 alert level four requirements.

Please only call our 0800 number if someone is at serious risk of harm or has been seriously injured, become seriously ill, or died as a result of work.

For other notifications please complete our online forms at Notify WorkSafe.

To import sodium fluoroacetate (1080) you must obtain a certificate from WorkSafe, which you provide to the New Zealand Customs Service.

If you import sodium fluoroacetate (1080) you must obtain a certificate from WorkSafe.  The certificate will confirm that WorkSafe has been notified of the supplier’s name and address, the quantity of 1080 imported, the name of the importer and the date and place of collection.

You must provide a copy of the certificate to the New Zealand Customs Service along with collection details before the 1080 can be uplifted at the border.

Written notice for import certificate of sodium fluoroacetate (1080) (PDF 54 KB)

If you are a laboratory operating under Part 18 of the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017(external link), you must still obtain a certificate from WorkSafe to import 1080.